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Sell antiques and Vintage at the Grand Rapids Antiques market

Sell Antiques and Vintage

Sell Antiques and Vintage If you have antiques and vintage to sell, join us for the all new Grand Rapids Antiques Market, November 21st and 22nd. The show features space for 150 vendors of all categories of vintage and antiques. Our

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Each year 5,000 vintage antique enthusiasts visit the Grand Rapids Antiques Market, and 8,000 antique enthusiasts visit If you would like your business to be in front of this customer base, please apply below!   Sponsors are featured on

Grand Rapids Antiques Show Michigan Antique show

GRAM Blog Submission Form

To have a post featured on the Grand Rapids Antiques Market blog, vendors may submit posts to the Grand Rapids Antiques Market blog.  The next show is November 21 and 22 at Devos Place in Downtown Grand Rapids.  Fill out

Are antiques considered art?Are Antiques Considered Art?

Antiques and Vintage Q&A

What is an Antique? While many things are casually referred to as antique, technically only things that are 100 years or older is antique. That doesn’t mean anything that’s more than 100 years old is desirable, or that things less

Crowd Michigan antique show at Devos Place, Grand Rapids Michigan

First Time to a Flea Market?

Flea Market Flea Markets are a weekend treat, are you dying to go but not sure where to begin? There is so much to see and great vintage and antique bargains can be found.   There different types of flea markets.

Grand Rapids Antiques Market Vintage Marketplace

What is Vintage?

What is Vintage? There are many definitions for the word vintage and it’s becoming a more popular term every day.   At the Grand Rapids Antiques Market we consider anything 25 years or older to be vintage.  Jewelry and clothing from

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